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    Angela Sanchez-Holtgreven- Artist

  • Early beginnings

    My Henna Obsession

    Summer 2013

    It all started with some wonderful Bollywood movies. Once I watched one, I was hooked! The singing, the dancing, the colorful clothing, and the beautiful people...... I just couldn’t get enough! I have always been a sucker for any kind of ethnic cultural experience, but I just felt completely sucked in, and enthralled by the music and the romance. So what’s a girl to to? Get some mehendi (the art of using henna paste to decorate you skin for weddings and festivals) , right? Well in my neck of the woods, there aren’t a ton of Indian or Arabic women who do mehendi. So I thought, “ I have always been pretty creative, I could probably do that.“ Next thing you know, I am on Amazon purchasing henna powder, and looking up how to make henna paste on YouTube. Within a few days I making designs on my skin with the henna paste and my husband was thinking I was a complete lunatic!! However, I became pretty good at it in no time, and it gave me many opportunities to connect with people and encourage them, when I wouldn’t have otherwise had those opportunities.

    Summer 2017

    The creative process has always been a part of my life, whether it be cooking, gardening, and even writing. However, in the summer of 2017, I went through one of the most challenging and difficult emotional times in my life. My youngest child was hospitalized for almost six months and there was absolutely nothing I could do to help her. For most of that time, I watched her get worse and not better. There was absolutely no way to articulate the depth of my pain, no matter how I tried. I had been fiddling here and there with some painting, but I created my first acrylic fluid art piece. The world shifted and my emotions began to bubble out of me through art. I began to express the depth of my pain and frustration through my artwork, and it literally saved me. I believe it was a gift from the Giver of all good and perfect things. My mother gave me the passion and love of art, as she is an artist as well. Her art is precious and my most prized material possession on this earth. It is my deepest desire to give others the gift of art and make it some of their most prized possessions as well.



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    Fulfillment and purpose are found in creating, because we were designed to....we ....are created in the image of the Creator Himself

  • Support Team

    These are the two of the people that support my mission!

    My husband, Victor

    Through thick and thin

    We’ve been through financial difficulties, a home foreclosure, two interstate moves, 2 serious chronic illnesses, four great kids (2 of them being autistic), and through it all.....he is still by my side. You Rock My World Victor! I couldn't do this without you!

    My momma, Jean

    A 1000 watt smile

    With a heart of gold, an optimistic attitude, and always a wise word, my mother never ceases to amaze me. She gave me her talent and her love for her family. Thank you mom for all of your support and dedication to us all of these years. I love you more than words can say ! ❤️

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